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Biscuits Rhythm oatmeal 110 g

Feel the rhythm of your internal body.
Biological clock determines the rhythm of our body in which it can work sleep and rest. Do not ignore it, follow it and comply with it.

Non-coated biscuits Rhythm oatmeal - Good start of the day!

Healthy and tasty, rich in healthy ingredients – OAT FLAKES and FIBRES.

Tempting, delicious and healthy!

Balanced composition for proper nutrition:
NO hydrogenated oils
NO artificialcolorings
NO preservatives
NO artificial sweeteners

Created to pleased all fans of this tempting crispy biscuits.

Net Weight - 110 g
Pieces in carton - 24
Net Weight carton - 2,640 kg
Cartons on Pallet - 72
EAN/UNIT - 3 800 093 105 029