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Karmela celebrates 15 years

Dear friends,
This year our the company Karmela celebrates 15 years since its establishment.
Are many or few 15 years? We believe that they are enough to succeed and
to build Karmela as a modern enterprise producing chocolate and sugar confectionery, enough to create good working environment for our employees, to gain our loyal customers who prefer products manufactured under our brands.
At age 15 Karmela is like a young organism, and as every young organism grows, makes mistakes, develops and move forward.
We in Karmela believe that we have chosen the right path for the future of our company.
Optimism and positive attitude towards life, work and people help us to overcome the challenge along the way.
We create every product with a desire to be perfect to the last detail.
And we never forget that we would not succeed without you, our friends.
Thank you for being with us.