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About the cake

About the cake

The beginning of the story about the cake is lost somewhere deep in the history. The primitive people started to prepare cake soon after they invented the flour. In ancient times cakes were different from the bread. The difference is that for cakes they used sweet ingredients as fruits or honey.

In some neolith villages cakes were found made of crumble grains, which were poured with water and honey, pressed to get flat shape and were baked on flat stones. .

In ancient Greece such flat cakes were made and served during the first Olympic Games in Delos in 776 B.C.

During Roman times a different type of cake was prepared from wheat flour and olive oil. When conquered new lands they took the recipe in Western Europe and Britain Island.

The type we know the cake today came from middle ages. And can you imagine English tea without a piece of cake?

But the most important is just to enjoy it….