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About biscuits

About biscuits

The name ’’biscuit” came from the Latin “bis coctum”, which means double baked. The history of the biscuits is somewhere in the time of Ancient Rome.

In the old times these small round sweets were harder and thinner than today’s. They were popular among the people who traveled because they were perfect for long term consumption. These sweets remained fresh for a long time which was their big advantage in these times.

If we step ahead in the history we will see that biscuits become very popular in Europe during ХVII-ХVIII centuries. Made of sugar, flour and eggs they were prepared only by “premium’’ bakers. During those times the biscuits were expensive and only wealthy people could afford them. Later in the end of ХIХ century the biscuits become available for common people.

What do you know about the history and legends of the most popular flavors used in production of sweets?